The Beginning – An Idea Etched in Glass

Many have asked how I came up with the idea for Kotodama Glassware.  So I decided to write it down and share it here as it seems to be of some interest.  If you have found your way to this blog, most likely it is because you have had some exposure to Dr. Masaru Emoto’s research on the changes in water as reflected in his water crystals.  My very good friend and local clairvoyant, Gail Rhoads, told me in one session about Dr. Emoto and his amazing discovery.  I was intrigued and immediately purchased and read his book, “The Hidden Messages in Water“.  I was hooked.  I started writing positive messages to myself and taping them to my water bottles and glasses.  This would last about 2 days until I needed to wash the bottle and/or glass.  I had to take off the words, or they would have gotten torn or dirty in order to change the word and wash the glass.  I decided to search and find glasses that had permanent positive words so I wouldn’t have to mess with re-writing and re-taping the words.  I searched the internet, found nothing.  I thought, that’s weird.  As much as I have seen and heard of people writing the words, I thought there would be a product that was offered in the same way.  I found nothing. 

A few months later I came across a process of etching glassware.  I bought the device and started etching words on my glasses.  I immediately noticed a difference in the use of the glasses that I etched in comparison to the glasses that I did not etch.  Family and friends tended to reach for the etched glasses, without necessarily knowing they were etched.  I was intrigued, yet again.  Then as family and friends got use to the idea of what the purpose of the glasses were, they started consciously picking glasses with words they wanted to incorporate into their day or evening.  Then I had someone ask me to etch some of their personal glasses they used at their home, but they were a set of 8 wine glasses.  Then I had one friend ask if I would make a set of etched glasses as a unique gift for someone who was depressed.  She thought her friend would benefit from some extra hope that there could be a change.  I thought, well, if they wanted a set, and they wanted to pay me to etch a set for a friend as a gift, then the word was spreading and why not offer this to others.  Hence, Kotodama Glassware began.

We have now been etching glasses for over one year (in February 2011).  At this point we have sold over 1,800 glasses.  We started with choices ranging from red wine glasses, white wine glasses, goblets (for either red or white wine), stemless wine glasses, large water glasses, small water glasses and a 36oz carafe.  We launched our product at the 2010 Tampa “I Can Do It” event sponsored by Hay House Publishing.

From the requests of people who have learned and seen our product, we have expanded our available products to include Hot Cups and saucers (for coffee and tea, using two-word combinations) and colored water glasses.  The colored water glasses bring an element of color vibrations combined with the positive word that has been our best sellers so far. 

We have plans in place now and are working on further adding to our glassware collection to offer beer glasses, flasks, flower vases, and plates. 

My biggest intent with this company, while, yes for it to be successful, the main drive and wish is for people who are looking for a change, to experience the ease and subtle shift that can occur just by drinking from a glass that exposes their drink to positive words.  Whether it is in a Kotodama glass or one of their own making, it is the awareness that positive change can be easy and simple just from being conscious of what you are drinking out of.

2 Responses to The Beginning – An Idea Etched in Glass

  1. I just love this!

    I am so interested in reading the book you suggested. Just this morning as I was reaching for a cup to drink my water from I decided to drink from “What you dream you will become” because today is my day to pursue my own interests in my own time.

    Thank you!

    • I am so glad you like it! We have had an overwelling reception with this idea and mostly, “Its about time!”. It has my utmost pleasure to watch the changes that are being reported and I truly believe that the more people become aware of how easy it is to help yourself and make more positive changes in their lives, the more the world, as a whole will rise in their vibrations. I send you support with your dreams, whatever they may be. Be open to their changes and have fun along the ride! Check in with us and let us know how it goes!

      Here’s to you, raising your own vibrations!

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