KotoDaily Word: “New Beginnings”

May 25, 2011:  KotoDaily Word:  “New Beginnings”.

“New Beginnings” is a phrase to describe (‘beginning’) a start, origin, cause that is an alternate (‘new’) position than one is currently in. 

The word “New Beginnings” on your Kotodama glass has the purpose of raising your vibration to create, see and accept new choices and paths ahead of you.

Drink from your “New Beginnings” glass when you want alternative choices to come to your aware to change the current state you find yourself.  Give the gift of “New Beginnings” with a Kotodama glass to someone to encourage a different path for them to present itself.

Erase the negative energy that can be associated with ‘final’ or ‘endngs’ by attracting the frequency of “New Beginnings”.

With every ending there is an opportunity for beginnings, half the trick is to be aware of the new beginnings and the other half is to do something great with them. – RHD

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