Why Raise Your Vibrations

Inspired by Dr. Masaru Emoto's research on the changes in water depending on what the water is exposed to creating water crystals that change depending on what it is exposed to.

Attract "Success" energy to your life by drinking from a "Success" wineglass.

Since talking with people about changing their vibrations through Kotodama Glassware with people that are just starting to be exposed to, or becoming aware of, this vibrational shift, one question that is inevitable is…..Why bother trying to raise my vibration at all?  What is the purpose?  To that I respond, if you like where you are in life, who you are and what you look like, how you act….don’t change a thing!  BUT, if you are dissatisfied with any aspect of your life AND you feel the need to make a change, that can be done through raising your vibration.

Raising your vibration is yet another way that we change our lives, thoughts, consciousness, actions or emotions.  It seems that we are always in a stage of fluctuation.  It has always been such in human history as we progress, evolve, change.  There are different ways that this can be accomplished.  Some people carve out their change into different categories, be it their weight, their social environment, jobs, psychological, etc. and this is just another one of those ideas.  However, the difference I see with this aspect is that it speaks to me in several levels at once, the physical, emotional and spiritual levels, yet capable of branching into the sub categories of our lives.

You change your vibration all the time, every moment, each second of every day and night, yes, even while you sleep.  Every single cell (and even the atoms, protons and neurons that make up the cells) in your body that combine and make your organs, skin, eyes, veins, bones, etc. has its own unique vibration.  And those vibrations can be influenced by the vibrations around them.  Harmonious vibrations that resonate at the same or similar frequency make a more balanced and strong vibration.  When you have competing vibrations, you have incoherence and a weakening of cells.  You are out of sync, so to speak.  And all the vibrations of all the millions and trillions of cells your body creates, maintains and duplicates during any given day, make up the unique vibration that is YOU.  Like a musical masterpiece, each note combines to make a song.  So does the vibrations of each cell of your body, all your organs, your thoughts and emotions.  You are the culmination of millions of tiny vibrations, all making one big vibration to which you effect and are affected by other vibrations around you.  You are your own Symphony.

Your vibrations are effected by the vibrations of things that you come into contact with, that you expose your senses to, that you feel and think at any given moment.  Yes, your thoughts and emotions also have their own unique vibrations.  And these are like radio waves, can’t see or hear them until you turn the radio on or change the channel or watch the equalizer bounce up and down.  And each time you come in contact with another vibration, it can harmonize with you or act out of sync.  There are some notes on a piano that sound well together (this is called harmony), and some notes that don’t flow well into each other.  Just as there are some people that you meet that you instantly click with, and others you want to move away from.  This, I believe is also why you have a favorite color, like certain music or movies, are attracted to people, how people are attracted to you.  Its because the frequency these things or people are vibrating at are more harmonious with your own vibration as opposed to others that are not.

Being aware of your vibrations will allow you to better control and change your vibration.  This will help you to communicate with others, help you control your thoughts and emotions which inevitability will lead you to your decisions and actions.  By being able to control these aspects of yourself, you will see how manifestation works, you will experience easier change in other aspects of your life, you will influence others around you and choose what comes into your awareness.  All these things allow you to be in sync with other higher vibrations attracting better experiences.  We are attracted to and attract that which resonates on the same frequency plane.  If we are sad, we attract more sadness to us, or rather, we are more aware of the sadness around us.  If we are happy, even the saddest movie or situation will not effect us as it would if we vibrated at a lower, slower, sadder frequency.

Have you ever wondered why you like certain colors, people, books, movies?  How you can walk into a room and just feel off, or apprehensive or energized?  Why you are attracted to certain types of people, or rather, why you seem to attract a certain type of person to you?  All of these wonders can be explained by understanding the concept of vibrations.  And from this understanding you can become aware of how things affect you and then, more importantly, how you can take control of the vibration and shift it to your benefit.  Control who talks to you, who understands you, how you are perceived, received and what you want to manifest and create in your life.  You can change any aspect of your life, be it health, wealth, love, position, emotions, thoughts, decisions, opportunities all by understanding how vibrations work, and thereby learn how to shift yours and make it work to your benefit.

We feel the different vibrational wavelengths, whether we are aware of it or not and our bodies react to them, our emotions are affected by them, and these things help to dictate our decisions at any given moment.

Check out this video about vibrational resonance with Abraham-Hicks production, particularly when it explains about the vibrational wavelength and how we are or are not effected by things at different wavelengths.  I thought it was a cute story and opportunity to explain why it is important to understand that we vibrate and how your vibrations effect everything about you and the importance of the different vibrational wavelengths/planes in order to be in resonance with a higher vibration.

If you want change, better circumstances, control of your life, then understanding vibrations will get you to know how that can be accomplished.

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