“Kotodama” – What it Means

Kotodama, according to Wikipedia, refers to the Japanese belief that mystical powers dwell in words and names.  English translation include “soul of language”, “spirit of language”, “power of language”, “power word”, “magic word”, and “sacred sound”.  The notion of kotodama presupposes that sounds can magically effect objects, and that ritual word usages can influence our environment, body, mind, and soul.  – Wikipedia

In modern-day Japanese people attribute meaning to their words, they sometimes feel as if a word itself has the power to make something happen. This concept is called kotodama, the superstitious-folk belief that a soul dwelling in words has the supernatural power to make an idea in the human brain come true simply by verbalizing it. Kotodama literally refers to the mysterious power dwelling in words. In ancient times, it was believed that what words represented would be realized by the kotodama ‘s supernatural power.  To put it simply, koto (kō`tō) means “the words,” and dama, the origin of which is tama, means “the spirit or soul.” It seems that the ancient Japanese might have marveled at the magical power of words by which they felt all things in the universe could be controlled. The belief in kotodama is the people’s illusion about the words or messages, to which they give meanings superstitiously such as by praying for good fortune or for prevention of evil events. Therefore, they try to avoid verbalizing evil words and are careful to use appropriate expressions so that undesirable events do not occur.  (excerpt taken from: TheFreeLibrary)

For us at Kotodama Glassware, “Kotodama” exemplifies the culmination of what we are aspiring to share with anyone that is seeking an easier and conscious change in their surroundings, through the conscious awareness of words that you use and expose yourself to on a daily, and even on an every moment, basis. 

We believe that the ‘concept’ of Kotodama encompasses not only the word by itself, vibrating at its own frequency, but also how a particular word is meant and internally defined by each person and how that meaning affects them differently than anyone else.  It is the word itself, and also the meaning of the word to each person. 

When you think of the word, you transfer your vibration of the meaning that it is from you into the word.  When you see or read this word, you, again interpret the word, as it means, personally, to you and transfer that vibration into the word.  When you hold a glass with the word on it, again, transfer your vibration of that word into the glass and liquid which combines with the word’s inherent vibration.  When you drink the liquid, the water inside your blood, your cells, your organs, etc., transforms and assimilates the vibration of the liquid combined with the vibration created around the liquid from the glass.

The words used on our Kotodama Glassware are positive words with inherent positive vibrations.  Since negative vibration is erased by the positive vibration (referring to Dr. Masaru Emoto‘s statements in his book, “The Hidden Messages in Water” pg. 73), any negative or lower vibrational intent you have attached to a word is erased and replaced by the more positive or higher vibrational frequency.  The more you use the positive definition of the word, the more you feel the positive effects and your transformation occurs.

Water is said to have a ‘memory’ where it can hold the vibrations of what it is exposed to.  There are several theories in the physics world that talks about and tests these theories.  One being that a person’s ‘intent’ or ‘consciousness’ of thought can affect water.  Check out this YouTube video on a physicists seminar from SSE (Society of Scientific Exploration) that helps to explain the theory on water intent and consciousness, experiments done, and how this works.  Basically it is a well accepted concept that water is capable of holding energy shifts and transferring the energy to another location.  This is the basis of how the exposure of water to positive words is capable of transferring to your body, and when absorbed, transfers to the water that makes up all other aspects of your body and creates a positive (higher vibrational) effect.

Everyone can benefit from positive thoughts, feelings, emotions, words, etc.  Kotodama Glassware brings you the ability to help make a positive change whenever you drink from our glasses.  Give the gift of Kotodama (spirit of words), to your friends, your family, yourself.  Start or further your transformation and raise your vibration, positively!



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