KotoDaily Word: “Harmony”

June 1, 2011: KotoDaily Word: “Harmony

Kotodama Glassware Goblet wine glass featuring the positive word "Harmony".
Attract “Harmony” energy to your life using a Kotodama glass with the positive word “Harmony”.

Harmony” is a noun used to describe a pleasing combination of multiple elements to create a congruent whole.

The word “Harmony” on your Kotodama glass has the purpose of raising your consciousness to achieve and attract symmetry to a situation; balance in your life, work, family; promote agreement in strife.

Drink from your “Harmony” glass when you need help to bring wholeness and balance to your life. Give the gift of “Harmony” with a Kotodama glass to someone who needs to be more harmonious in their thoughts and actions. Erase the energy of “disagreement”, “discord” and/or “argument” by replacing it with the vibration of “Harmony“.

Inspired by the work, research and teachings of Dr. Masaru Emoto regarding how water is affected by what it is exposed to in its environment. Water, the basis of all drinks, can hold and transfer vibrations. Water molecules form crystals more completely when exposed to positive written words. When drank, the positively changed liquid combines with the water in our blood, cells, skin, organs, etc. to improve their vitality, thereby vibrating at a more healthier and positive frequency.

He who lives in harmony with himself lives in harmony with the universe. – Marcus Aurelius

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