KotoDaily Word: “Self Esteem”

June 21, 2011: KotoDaily Word: “Self Esteem”

Kotodama Glassware Waterglass Large featuring the positive phrase "Self Esteem"

Attract Higher Energy of Self Esteem using this Kotodama Waterglass

“Self Esteem” is a noun used to describe the confidence of one’s own worth and abilities.

The word “Self Esteem” on your Kotodama glass has the intention of raising your consciousness, awareness and focus to attract and achieve a higher confidence in yourself. 

Give the gift of “Self Esteem” with a Kotodama glass to someone who needs to experience more self esteem about themselves.  Erase self-doubt and uncertainty.

Inspired by the work, research and teachings of Dr. Masaru Emoto on how water is affected by what it is exposed to in its environment.  Water, the basis of all drinks, can hold and transfer vibrations.  It appears that more complete (full 6 sided hexagon shaped) water crystals form from water molecules when exposed to positive written words.  When drank, the positively changed liquid combines with the water in our blood, cells, skin, organs, etc. to raise their vitality, thereby vibrating at a more healthier and positive frequency.

Visit our website at www.KotodamaGlassware.com to check out our full range of glassware currently available.
Low self-esteem is like driving through life with your hand-break on. – Maxwell Maltz

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