Our glassware is designed to change the energy within the liquid you drink and then change YOU!

The positive words face the liquid to transfer the frequency of the etching on our exquisite wine glasses, water glasses or tumblers by altering the way the molecular structure of your favorite beverage vibrates.  When combined with your body’s liquid it can raise your vibrations … one sip at a time.

Just thinking of which positive affirmation you want to choose before you pick up your glass will affect your attitude and what you feel.  Then as you read the word, and further change your vibration.  Then, drinking the more positively imbued liquid in the glass, will physically change your vibration also….all three (thought, emotion, physical) with one drink!

Let our glassware bring about a more balanced and healthier you! Order a set today inscribed with your unique positive affirmation made just for you.

Kotodama glassware make perfect unique gifts for wedding gifts, Christmas gifts, anniversary gifts or a cool gift to give to someone special that will enhance their daily life.  When you give this unique gift of positive words, you are literally giving the vibration of the words you choose.

Give the Gift of Kotodama!

Order directly from the website at:  http://www.kotodamaglassware.com/


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