Introducing Henry Cole

June 25, 2011

Kotodama Glassware Welcomes Henry Cole!

Kotodama Glassware is pleased and excited to introduce Henry Cole to the Kotodama family.  Henry Cole has accepted an internship here with Kotodama Glassware for the summer of 2011.  We are so excited about having him join us and have lots of fun ideas to utilize his interests and time.

Henry Cole  is a Junior at Eastside High School in Gainesville, Florida.  He is a member of the school’s Mu Alpha Theta team and will be attending Nationals this year.  He is very experienced and interested in Math and Science.  He has taken an AP statistics class and passed the test with a near perfect score.

To further Henry’s scientific interest in physics and with the intent of fostering this incredible aspiration, we have designed some fun physics experiments that he will be heading up and documenting on the Kotodama Glassware Blog during the summer months.

We have two (2) separate experiments in mind that will utilize the research conducted and suggested by Dr. Masaru Emoto in the area of quantum physics and vibrational energy.  While we have no intention of duplicating Dr. Emoto’s work, primarily because we don’t have the equipment nor expertise to showcase the experimental results at the molecular level, we will be focusing our attention on indirect results as it relates to how the energized water affects show in regards to flowers and cooked rice.

Dr. Emoto’s work and research showed how water molecules bind together and form differently according to what it is exposed to from its environment.  At freezing temperatures, beautiful and more complete hexagon (six sided) shaped water crystals formed when exposed to positive stimuli, like colors, classical music, nature scenery, spoken nicely to and positive written words.  Whereas, incomplete and broken crystals, or no crystal formation, resulted when the water was exposed to negative or harsh stimuli, like heavy metal music, yelled at, or negative written words.  We believe that these differences in environmental stimuli positively affect the water that can then in turn affect what the water then comes into contact with.

To show this, our first experiment involves live cut flowers placed in two separate vases, one vase with positive etched words, the other vase with no etched words.  We hope to see if there is a difference in the longevity of the flowers over a 2 week time period.

Our second experiment will involve cooked rice, placed in air-tight containers and exposed to either written words (both positive and negative) and/or spoken to (both positive and negative phrases).  We hope to see if there is a difference in the deterioration of the rice over a 30-day period of time.

Kotodama Glassware offers glassware with positive words etched into the glassware, facing the inside of the glass (as opposed to facing outside).  We work with the idea that each written word vibrates at its own unique frequency, and these frequencies blend and combine with our own unique vibration to change the frequency at which each person vibrations.  Also, these vibrations affect how we feel, our health, the vitality of our bodies, organs, skin, etc. 

Our overall purpose and intent is to help people raise their vibration to a more positive frequency, whereby attracting and achieving more positive health, emotions, thoughts, attitudes, accomplishments, etc. in their everyday lives.

Check out our website at for a full list of products currently available to help you begin or continue your positive transition in your life.