The Power of Words – In Action

June 14, 2011
 Here is a great visual example, although produced, of how words can be so powerful…..The Power of Words.

Words emit a vibration.  Obviously, the spoken word has a vibration, which is how our ear drums pick up the sound wave through the air made by our voice which in turn allows our brain to interpret and understand.  But I refer here to the fact that the ‘written’ word also sends off vibrations.  And this vibration affects its environment, including people.

Dr. Masaru Emoto, a Japanese researcher, showed how written words affect water in his book, “The Hidden Messages in Water“.  His research used water in glass jars that were exposed to typed words over a specific amount of time.  The water was frozen in order to capture forming or formed crystals.  What Dr. Emoto discovered was that the water crystalized differently when it was exposed to different positive and negative words or phrases.  For example,

Water exposed to the written words, "You make me sick. I will kill you." in Japanese

Dr. Emoto Water Crystal water exposed to the written words, "You make me sick. I will kill you." in Japanese

Water Crystal formed when exposed to the written words, "Love & Gratitude"

Dr. Emoto Water Crystal of water exposed to the words, "Love & Gratitude"

While the words themselves are important, just as important is HOW it is said, or rather, the intention or force behind what is said.  For example, here are examples of the effect on water when exposed to the spoken words, said with different intent, the first being a suggestion, and the other a command:
Dr. Emoto Water Crystals from water exposed to the spoken phrase, "Do It!" in Japanese as a command.

Dr. Emoto Water Crystals from water exposed to the spoken phrase, "Do It!" in Japanese as a command.

 And in contrast:

Dr. Emoto Water Crystals from water exposed to the spoken phrase, "Do It!" in Japanese as a command.

Dr. Emoto Water Crystals from water exposed to the spoken phrase, "Do It!" in Japanese as a command.

 Prayer is thought to be a powerful format for divine blessings.  The following examples certain would lend weight to that idea.  Here are pictures of crystals from the same source of water before and after a Buddhist prayer was made over the Fujiwara Damn in Japan.
This is the crystallization of the polluted water before the prayer:
Dr. Emoto Water Crystal of polluted water from Fujiwara Damn in Japan, before prayer.

Dr. Emoto Water Crystal of polluted water from Fujiwara Damn in Japan, before prayer.

And this is the crystal that formed from the same water source taken after the Buddhist prayer was performed:
Dr. Emoto Water Crystal of water after Buddhist prayer was performed at Fujiwara Damn in Japan.

Dr. Emoto Water Crystal of water after Buddhist prayer was performed at Fujiwara Damn in Japan.

Words, either spoken or written, have a vibration that influence our own vibration and our emotions, thoughts and actions.  By incorporating more positive words into your environment, you can transform your emotions, thoughts and actions into more positive results.

Use Kotodama Glassware to help your transformation take shape and form into your daily drinking experience.


“Kotodama” – What it Means

June 5, 2011

Kotodama, according to Wikipedia, refers to the Japanese belief that mystical powers dwell in words and names.  English translation include “soul of language”, “spirit of language”, “power of language”, “power word”, “magic word”, and “sacred sound”.  The notion of kotodama presupposes that sounds can magically effect objects, and that ritual word usages can influence our environment, body, mind, and soul.  – Wikipedia

In modern-day Japanese people attribute meaning to their words, they sometimes feel as if a word itself has the power to make something happen. This concept is called kotodama, the superstitious-folk belief that a soul dwelling in words has the supernatural power to make an idea in the human brain come true simply by verbalizing it. Kotodama literally refers to the mysterious power dwelling in words. In ancient times, it was believed that what words represented would be realized by the kotodama ‘s supernatural power.  To put it simply, koto (kō`tō) means “the words,” and dama, the origin of which is tama, means “the spirit or soul.” It seems that the ancient Japanese might have marveled at the magical power of words by which they felt all things in the universe could be controlled. The belief in kotodama is the people’s illusion about the words or messages, to which they give meanings superstitiously such as by praying for good fortune or for prevention of evil events. Therefore, they try to avoid verbalizing evil words and are careful to use appropriate expressions so that undesirable events do not occur.  (excerpt taken from: TheFreeLibrary)

For us at Kotodama Glassware, “Kotodama” exemplifies the culmination of what we are aspiring to share with anyone that is seeking an easier and conscious change in their surroundings, through the conscious awareness of words that you use and expose yourself to on a daily, and even on an every moment, basis. 

We believe that the ‘concept’ of Kotodama encompasses not only the word by itself, vibrating at its own frequency, but also how a particular word is meant and internally defined by each person and how that meaning affects them differently than anyone else.  It is the word itself, and also the meaning of the word to each person. 

When you think of the word, you transfer your vibration of the meaning that it is from you into the word.  When you see or read this word, you, again interpret the word, as it means, personally, to you and transfer that vibration into the word.  When you hold a glass with the word on it, again, transfer your vibration of that word into the glass and liquid which combines with the word’s inherent vibration.  When you drink the liquid, the water inside your blood, your cells, your organs, etc., transforms and assimilates the vibration of the liquid combined with the vibration created around the liquid from the glass.

The words used on our Kotodama Glassware are positive words with inherent positive vibrations.  Since negative vibration is erased by the positive vibration (referring to Dr. Masaru Emoto‘s statements in his book, “The Hidden Messages in Water” pg. 73), any negative or lower vibrational intent you have attached to a word is erased and replaced by the more positive or higher vibrational frequency.  The more you use the positive definition of the word, the more you feel the positive effects and your transformation occurs.

Water is said to have a ‘memory’ where it can hold the vibrations of what it is exposed to.  There are several theories in the physics world that talks about and tests these theories.  One being that a person’s ‘intent’ or ‘consciousness’ of thought can affect water.  Check out this YouTube video on a physicists seminar from SSE (Society of Scientific Exploration) that helps to explain the theory on water intent and consciousness, experiments done, and how this works.  Basically it is a well accepted concept that water is capable of holding energy shifts and transferring the energy to another location.  This is the basis of how the exposure of water to positive words is capable of transferring to your body, and when absorbed, transfers to the water that makes up all other aspects of your body and creates a positive (higher vibrational) effect.

Everyone can benefit from positive thoughts, feelings, emotions, words, etc.  Kotodama Glassware brings you the ability to help make a positive change whenever you drink from our glasses.  Give the gift of Kotodama (spirit of words), to your friends, your family, yourself.  Start or further your transformation and raise your vibration, positively!

Can thoughts affect water molecules?

May 12, 2011

Can thoughts affect water molecules?.

Love this article and thought process.  Check this one out!

The Beginning – An Idea Etched in Glass

May 7, 2011

Many have asked how I came up with the idea for Kotodama Glassware.  So I decided to write it down and share it here as it seems to be of some interest.  If you have found your way to this blog, most likely it is because you have had some exposure to Dr. Masaru Emoto’s research on the changes in water as reflected in his water crystals.  My very good friend and local clairvoyant, Gail Rhoads, told me in one session about Dr. Emoto and his amazing discovery.  I was intrigued and immediately purchased and read his book, “The Hidden Messages in Water“.  I was hooked.  I started writing positive messages to myself and taping them to my water bottles and glasses.  This would last about 2 days until I needed to wash the bottle and/or glass.  I had to take off the words, or they would have gotten torn or dirty in order to change the word and wash the glass.  I decided to search and find glasses that had permanent positive words so I wouldn’t have to mess with re-writing and re-taping the words.  I searched the internet, found nothing.  I thought, that’s weird.  As much as I have seen and heard of people writing the words, I thought there would be a product that was offered in the same way.  I found nothing. 

A few months later I came across a process of etching glassware.  I bought the device and started etching words on my glasses.  I immediately noticed a difference in the use of the glasses that I etched in comparison to the glasses that I did not etch.  Family and friends tended to reach for the etched glasses, without necessarily knowing they were etched.  I was intrigued, yet again.  Then as family and friends got use to the idea of what the purpose of the glasses were, they started consciously picking glasses with words they wanted to incorporate into their day or evening.  Then I had someone ask me to etch some of their personal glasses they used at their home, but they were a set of 8 wine glasses.  Then I had one friend ask if I would make a set of etched glasses as a unique gift for someone who was depressed.  She thought her friend would benefit from some extra hope that there could be a change.  I thought, well, if they wanted a set, and they wanted to pay me to etch a set for a friend as a gift, then the word was spreading and why not offer this to others.  Hence, Kotodama Glassware began.

We have now been etching glasses for over one year (in February 2011).  At this point we have sold over 1,800 glasses.  We started with choices ranging from red wine glasses, white wine glasses, goblets (for either red or white wine), stemless wine glasses, large water glasses, small water glasses and a 36oz carafe.  We launched our product at the 2010 Tampa “I Can Do It” event sponsored by Hay House Publishing.

From the requests of people who have learned and seen our product, we have expanded our available products to include Hot Cups and saucers (for coffee and tea, using two-word combinations) and colored water glasses.  The colored water glasses bring an element of color vibrations combined with the positive word that has been our best sellers so far. 

We have plans in place now and are working on further adding to our glassware collection to offer beer glasses, flasks, flower vases, and plates. 

My biggest intent with this company, while, yes for it to be successful, the main drive and wish is for people who are looking for a change, to experience the ease and subtle shift that can occur just by drinking from a glass that exposes their drink to positive words.  Whether it is in a Kotodama glass or one of their own making, it is the awareness that positive change can be easy and simple just from being conscious of what you are drinking out of.